MMCDC is the administrator for Becker County’s housing programs, including the Housing Choice Voucher Program and the Public Housing programs. These are explained below. Call 218-847-5641 or 888-847-7404 and ask to be placed on the list for the Rental Assistance Programs in Becker County.

HUD Public Housing

There are 25 single-family homes in Becker County that are U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Public Housing homes. Applicants must qualify as a family that requires a 3-bedroom or larger rental unit. Like the voucher program, these homes are designed to offer safe, sanitary and decent housing for low- and moderate-income people in need. And, renters generally pay 30 percent of their gross income for rent.

The Housing Choice Voucher Program (or, Section 8 Housing Vouchers)

This federal program supports low- and moderate-income households by providing assistance with rent payments. Voucher recipients must still pay a minimum of 30 percent of their monthly adjusted income toward rent; the program provides the remaining rental payment required under the rental contract.

Housing vouchers are designed to help individuals and families in need of housing support to access safe, sanitary and decent housing available in the private rental market. The private property owner needs to be willing to cooperate with voucher-assisted tenants. All units should comply with Housing Quality Standards set by the federal government to be eligible for the program.

How to Apply

Individuals and families are encouraged to place their names on the waiting list. Once approved for a housing voucher or public housing, the individual or family may retain the voucher or home as long as they are in compliance with all requirements. Call 847-5641 or 888-847-7404.