When people work together for a shared goal, great things happen. That ideal is at the center of NeighborWorks Week, a nationwide celebration of the good that comes out of neighbors working and playing together.  

MMCDC and the entire national NeighborWorks network are committed to bringing about positive change by improving lives and strengthening communities. Over the past 40 years, NeighborWorks and its network have assisted close to 8 million people through affordable housing and counseling.  In 2017, the NeighborWorks network provided housing and counseling services to 455,100 people, repaired 71,300 homes, and created and maintained 43,600 jobs.

As a member of the network, MMCDC contributed by providing 18 business loans, managing 254 units of affordable housing, building five new homes, educating 74 potential homebuyers, preparing 534 tax returns free of charge, and financing 200 home purchase, refinance and rehabilitation loans.

MMCDC is helping residents thrive in Minnesota’s underserved communities, ensuring that the core needs of individuals are met by listening to our neighbors, no matter their income or professional position and providing or linking residents to essential services, whether those services help a person train for and find a job, understand how to buy a home, or start a small business.

Partnerships are essential to achieve long-term change and there is strength in numbers. NeighborWorks Week is a chance to engage residents and build collective capacity. We have a shared obligation to transform all communities into places of opportunity.

Happy NeighborWorks Week!