MMCDC President Kevin Shipley shared the company’s Core Values with the membership at the company’s June 21, 2018, Annual Meeting.

These five Core Values have been adopted by the board after discussion among members of the staff, who arrived at the values and meanings listed below.

  1. Teamwork/Partnership

The Board, Staff, Lending Partners and Customers will work collectively to achieve the Mission of MMCDC.

  1. Integrity/Honesty

We are consistent in our intentions, words and actions. We finish what we start, and only promise what we can deliver (we do what we say we will do). We tell the truth. We will treat each other and everyone with respect.

  1. Accountability / Responsibility

We will be accountable to each other, to our customers and to ourselves. We will take responsibility for our actions, by what we say and what we do.

  1. Innovation

Everyone will be forward-thinking. We encourage creative thinking and new approaches to our work that support our Mission. We will take risks when prudent to do so.

  1. Impactful

The Mission of MMCDC is to assist communities and individuals achieve a better quality of life. The products and programs we offer will positively affect those we serve. We will strive to be the most impactful community development company in the nation.

Additionally, MMCDC staff, board and membership strive to be servant leaders. Servant leaders share power, put the needs of others first, and help people develop and perform as highly as possible.